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About Quick Cargo Service Denmark

QCS – Quick Cargo Service Denmark is a growing freight forwarding company. 

We have a strong bonding team like one family. We enjoy coming to the office every day and solve clients’ and partners’ logistic challenges. We are passionate in what we do, and every job is special to us.

Allan and Elo are the backbones of QCS Denmark. They both have strong passions towards solving the logistic challenges and give clients the best quality service as possible. That is the reason behind the steady growth of the company since it started and also the reason why QCS Denmark was initially created – to serve with quality. We are an ISO9001 certified company, accredited IATA agent and Regulated Agent under the DCAA.

The portfolio of QCS – Quick Cargo Denmark comprises general airfreight and ocean freight shipments as well as healthcare, aerospace couriers and special projects. We like to think QCS Denmark is one of the best small VIP cargo forwarders in Denmark. The company enjoys an excellent reputation at home and abroad.

We continue to enjoy a steady growth. Over the past years, we have grown with an average of +20% per year overall, and the trend is still positive.

These results are the reward of the engagement of every single one of our employees, the consolidation of existing business relationships, the development of new markets, in short: the passions and competence that we consistently offer.

Let´s start a conversation to understand your needs, and we welcome you to challenge us.

What is our statement?

QCS client can have a peace of mind!


We will take over your transport needs once booking is received. We are taking over as a full-service provider. QCS is the preferred choice for transport from door to door.


Delivering transport experiences! We want to become well-known for quality forwarding with a personal touch. Know-how and technical resources.
A VIP forwarder, who finds a solution efficiently and effectively for a full client satisfaction.


Making any job an interesting job, where customers and partners are treated with professionalism and enthusiasm. Keeping employees top-trained, highly motivated and enthusiastic, making every customer contact is important and serious.


Our goals are, maintaining best in class quality – measured by customer satisfaction, maintaining ISO- certificate and other validated audits. Making VIP forwarding profitable in the long run, investing in  technical resources for customer benefits.

Quality Targets

Efficient and trustworthy.
Professional and proactive.
Developing services, quality and efficiency.
Financially strong enough to invest in the future development.